what you worth and how to increase it

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Worth is the price that a market would like to pay for the things you own.

So if you own something which you can sell over and over again, you will have the advantage. What can be better than knowledge and skills that you posses.

You can sell your home, car and shares of a company once but your knowledge can be sold many times.

With the knowledge you can create as many companies, as many assets to sell, so the ultimate asset that you will have is knowledge.

Knowledge will help you build skills, which will multiply your productivity rate.

How I realized my worth

So let me start with quick story, once upon a time one of my friend asked me why don’t I do simple job online where I will earn 700 INR/day.

I love this friend and the intention of her proposal.

This is a simple suggestion, there is nothing wrong, but I don’t want to leave my dear friend with this mentality.

So, I refused the offer and gave her the following explanation so, that she don’t under value her own time.

Note, that my situation is very different and yours may be different from me.

A long time ago I read some books about investing and business, which allowed me to realize the value of my time. So I collected some information and done some calculations.

In India a upper middle class earns 75,000 INR per month. (subject to change with time), so I checked what is my current situation.

“Situation 1” (these situation really define our actions and therefore their understanding is very important)

I am living with my parents, they are paying for my bills, and time to time I help in some house management.

All my basic needs covered and don’t have to work to have food on my plate, Because of the money my dad earns.

I kind of consider it as my money, as I am their child (selfish me) which helps me live my current lifestyle.

Now I have a moral code and I never like to be a burden on my parents, therefore my lifestyle is not very luxurious, where my parents are working day and night and I am enjoying like prince.

If I  would have taken the offer, it would have not been a good return for my time and skills.

Instead I decided to learn new skills and improve myself.

“situation 2”

If i would have been living a very poor life, where I am earning less than the money that is needed to put food on my plate then, I would have surely taken it.

Now here is a gimps of a model working in my mind.

Algorithm that works in my mind

This is how it starts

NEED = “Healthy food, good place to live, good clothes to wear and education facilities.”

IF X IS EQUAL TO NEED THEN “keep learning and improve my skills and knowledge.”

” Activate JOB” and “Activate Priority check”

TILL ” Passive income = Cost of needs”

Priority = ” Put 80% of JOB income in investment and 20% in improving lifestyle”
“put 80% of my time learning and 20% improving lifestyle”

Now it’s very long one and I might write about it in some other post, but this is a sneak peak of it’s working.

My this way of living came from the books I read and what learned from them.

Now because my needs are fulfilled I don’t have to work, instead I want to learn new skills.

This is the reason I refused my friends offer.

Questions to increase your worth

Where you are going?

Decide what class you want to be in?

Check what type of work people do in that class and what skills they need for that?

Check your current class and while living in that class, start taking out time and money to learn new skills that is required for the class you want to move in to?

Why do I need skills and money

You are just a machine to the economic system, you take some inputs and return some outputs.

If you are not productive you will be thrown out, until some other machine(parents) desire you and decide to keep feeding you just because they love you.

You take space, food, clothes, health care and emotional care and in return give your time and do some work.


Now time is same for everyone, unless you are a speedster then time will flow slow relative to other human beings.

Now the amount of time you have will be taken by sleep that you need, now never go against your nature, sleep till you wake up all by yourself. but just consider that till that time you are at sleep, you are not being productive at your peak.


Other is work and what type of work depends upon the skills you have, in this case you can be different because you can learn some skills.

The best option will be figuring out your genetic advantages and building upon them.

Example like you can read fast, or you can run fast or you can solve math problems fast, there are so many skills.

Another way will be to see your history from both sides of your parents, what your grandparents were like, what were their skills, chances are you will have them too, but it’s not certain.

Some of our genetic characters switch off because of environment, but they can be activated if you expose yourself to different environments.

Always try new things this will help you unlock features you weren’t aware of. And try things at least 10 times.

In starting everyone suck and till the time you suck that means there is a opportunity for improvement.

Consider yourself as a machine if you will be inefficient then you will be replaced with something better and faster.

Machines will be become better at doing special tasks and will replace human in many industries.

Inefficiency definition depends upon the market and it’s demand. So keep yourself updated because what you might think as important might go out of trend.

Your skills are what will make you rich, give great importance to them.

I ask this question to myself and add desires to it. How I would have behaved if I had been an artificial intelligence.

So I think of my desire and then think how an AI would have accomplished it.

This is my lifestyle and you don’t have to be me.

Start understanding yourself and mold your life according to your desires.

Set and build your own systems of living, make life as easy as you possibly can.

It is very easy to make things complicated than it is to make them simple.

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