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New government system for unity in diversity

Posted by chitranjan

Government system haven’t changed a lot in the past recent years. This lead me to thinking about the ideal government system, so I decided to give it a try although I know it is very difficult to create something idea.

Problems with Democracy

Democracy means government by people, but it should be governing by people.

In today’s world democracy don’t allow you to actively participate in building your nation.

It only provides you with an option to choose between dictatorships.

On a settler level, these parties or politician are like dictators. Our time has some parts of old dictatorship. Our corporate system or organizational system all depend on dictatorship at some level.

We may think that we can remove the person in power if he or she start doing wrong. In most cases the elected people in power erase their trace of wrong doings.

We see corruptions done by the politicians, but we don’t get to know about it until the news brings it up. The news we see is a filtered, modified version of reality. And even if its the truth, it comes to late to take any action upon.

Politician have to become clever, or they will lose all the investment that they put into the election.

As a result we see politician promising to build our ideal world. Even the idea of that ideal world is funded by big institute.

Here is a loop that continues

Religion set people’s beliefs, politician promise a world with those beliefs raise donation from those religious people, in the mean while also funding those religious leader.

This results in a massive manipulation of masses and its easy because of our emotions.

No government wants intelligent people, idea of intelligent world threatens the governments.

A intelligent being will ask questions, he will have the capacity to understand manipulation.

Do you know that in some countries, you pay low taxes if you are married. Have you ever asked why is that?

Because it is easy to control  and manipulate you once you are in the system.

Understanding Dictatorship

Well you know how it goes, it can work in the short term but not in the long term. We humans have emotions like greed and fear which corrupt us to do wrong.

Manipulation of human beings

Do you guys know that high intelligent spacey can make you their slave. We all are humans with almost same features, but then why some get to have more power than the other?

The answer is intelligence.

What if you have the power to convince people and make them do anything? What you would have done with that power?

The reason may be what ever, but yes that power exist and that is schooling and religion. Try to find out how many mass murders have been done by religious people and non religious people?

You will soon find out that non religious people may fight on an individual level, but they are not interested in mass murdering.

Why nonreligious people seems to be more calm and understanding?

Because your religion masters have lowered your intelligence, they have stopped you from questioning.

Its your birth right to ask questions, remember your child hood, it must have been filled with questions.

But as you grow what happen?

You emotions of fear and greed are used to fill your mind with ideas of hell and haven.

Do you think if god has created this universe he would want to create good religion and bad one, he could have built just one and that’s it.

Then who are you?

You are a happening a continuous happening, a being.

You just know it, by knowing I don’t mean your mind don’t understand these words or the explanation. I mean the experience of it, when the realization of it comes is what you don’t know.

Government system for technology world

In the world of internet where you can send information almost anywhere in the world, isn’t it strange that we can’t actively participate in the governance.

There should be a way for the people to participate in the governance of government.

All the data and its happening can be provided online on a site as it is happening. where people can ask question or submit suggestions.

Like submitting a petition for garbage collection in my locality. Or if there is a system already then asking question to it. Keeping it accountable for its duty.

Most of us want to change the world and this can the best way to do so. A normal person don’t have the tools to change the world and I think with technology we can provide him with enough power to influence the world in a better way.

I might work on something like this, but till the time you are also free to build something like this.

Become more intelligent, don’t bound your believes, try new possibilities. Don’t be so stupid that the clever politician and religious manipulative gurus laugh on you when they sit on their powerful chairs.

They are there to serve you and we should also serve, them but both should have a feeling of love towards each other rather than the desire of manipulation.

Always make sure you have love for your duty don’t get manipulated with the idea of duty, it nothing without the feeling of love.

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