How to move on after breakup and handle the pain

Posted by chitranjan

Breakup can really mess you up, but you still have to continue.

If you didn’t love the person, this breakup pain never would have happened, But you did.

It was true from your side and knowing that should make you feel proud about yourself.

You are either reading this to escape from the pain of breakup or may preparing yourself for it.

I will try my best to teach you how to be happy after a breakup. Before we start I want to let you know that I have divided this article into different relationship breakup advice sections.

Things to do at an emotional level after breakup

Before you read further I want to tell you that moving on after a breakup will require you to adapt to the situation, changing situations will not be the mission of this article.

Now a quick way is to take a deep breath and accept that this relationship is over. You are probably being jealous that your partner is treating someone else as nicely as he/she treated you.

Remember, if your partner has cheated on you then he probably will cheat on the new partner.

Now your focus should be on yourself, be as selfish as you can and start doing that makes you happy. Getting involved in physical activities helps in releasing your anger.

Relax, talk to someone with whom you feel like talking and sharing your experience, cry and pamper yourself. This will be enough as starting steps.

If you want to totally understand the problem of your emotional being then you should keep reading.

This is how you may feel after breakup

There may still be some feelings left in you for your partner and you are holding them in your heart and those feelings may probably come when you feel alone.

Now I would say that you are doing wrong to yourself, first of all you should not suppress your feelings because when you do that, you again writing the same emotions that you want to get rid of.

All this only makes it worse, because after every repetition those emotions will get stronger and will make you feel bad.

Do remember that these feelings of love will be mixed with the things he/she did wrong to you and this will only raise questions about each and every moment that you have spent with your partner.

You may think, was this relationship fake from the beginning? Was I like toy for him/her? And your mind will continue to question until you start scolding yourself for everything that went wrong.

Get over a breakup quickly without doing anything

You may ask, Why you should not do anything about it?

It is because anything that you will be trying to do about it will only cause further pain.

Imagine a mental person and now think that he has decided to treat himself from his mental illness.

won’t it be like expecting an apple juice from oranges, you can only get orange juice from oranges.

A mad person will only create mad results, treating his own self will be too tough a job for him.

You are in the state of anger, irritation and frustration, trying to do anything in that situation to get your partner back will only create a mess.

Your goal should be to get yourself back to being happy, cool and normal. But as you are in a negative mind set, all your efforts will be influenced by that negativity in mind.

Now do you think you will be able to make a right decision?

How to stop getting hurt from a breakup

Moving out of breakup can be easy if you completely accept the pain.

Did you know that the pain was decided the day you fell in love with your partner. You have enjoyed all those moments, talks, walks and whatever you guys did together, but you never thought what will happen if this person will be gone from your life.

But now when the person is not in your life you are getting all that sadness, and it’s time when you accept that pain. Your pain is there because you are somehow trying to create a gap between you and your pain and that effort is causing all the pain.

Just don’t fight the pain accept it. let the pain complete its affect, cry as much as you want. Don’t fight the pain because the moment you let yourself in the pain is the moment you get out of it.

So if you want to know how long it takes to get over a breakup, it depends upon your acceptance of the reality.

Overcome a breakup depression with a diet

Getting emotionally hurt can damage your health and therefore you need to know some things that you may feel on a healthy level.

You have no idea about How emotions can have a serious effect on your appetite because the stressful thoughts cause brain to release adrenaline, which increases cortisol levels, which leads to sustained elevations of blood sugar, substantial loss of calcium from bones and depress important immune responses.

Around seventy to eighty percent of your immune tissue is located within your digestive system. Now you can imagine how your emotional state can change your physical state.

Changes to make to your environment after breakup

It has been a great journey till now, but now you need to take this new turn and continue your life.

Changing thing in your room may help you move on.

Here is the list of changes you can make

Put Lavender in your house: Lavender can decrease anxiety levels and a fresh new fragrance will cheer up your mood, just make sure that you don’t have any previous connection between lavender and your past boyfriend or girlfriend. Oh! And make sure you are not allergic to it. You can have a different fragrance if you may like.

Get a new hairstyle: It’s just like buying new clothes and having a new look, think of this as a motivation to move out of the house because after a breakup you may limit yourself to your room.

Attitude and outlook: After the breakup and all that emotional blunder, our mind need things to move on too and what can be better than improving yourself.

Change your room: If you can, then change the room totally or if not possible, at least change all other things like bed sheets, curtains and get rid of all those gifts and stuff which reminds you of your partner. (Make sure that stuff is not expensive, because if your partner come back asking for his/her stuff you may have to pay him/her)

Throw up a break up party: Break up parties can be a relief because it sets your status back to single again within your circle and you also get to meet your friends for a good time. Only throw this party once you are ready to move on, because this party may get you some new proposals.

Delete any contacts of him: you may “drunk text” him and that may ruin your effort of moving on. Make sure there is only one way to meet you and that is being physically available in front of you. There should be no way of contacting you and ask your friends to not bring any news about your partner.

Listen to different music: may cheer you with energy, but don’t make any stupid decision.

Change your schedule: The set time that you dedicated only for your partner, should be used for different activity.

This will help you from going back into the memories of your relationship.

Foods to eat after breakup

It is funny but think of food as medicine it can be helpful in improving your emotional state.

You must know the right food for your problem.

Different kind of foods treat different kind of problems such as anxiety, stress, increase sperm count or reduce belly fat.

All these examples are just to let you know that food can be really helpful for emotional recovery.

List of foods or snacks that you should eat after breakup

  • Avocados This also contains good fats, but the main thing is that it blocks harmful compound responsible for aging.
  • Almond Contain zinc and iron, which can really be helpful in balancing your mood.
  • Walnuts Contain some essential omega 6 fats, which reduce memory loss.
  • All berries Including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries they all vitamin C which is helpful in combating stress.
  • Oranges are also contain vitamin C.
  • Dark chocolate reduces cortisol, which is a causes of anxiety symptoms.
  • Greek Yogurt and other high protein foods increase brain chemicals production.

Life will continue

Life is just like a river and it is better to flow with it rather than holding on to something,. There are so many amazing places and people that are waiting for you, go meet them.

Let yourself free to flow with life.