Ways to hack your emotional intelligence

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Emotional beings can get easily disturbed when someone or something stir up their emotions.

I am emotional person and I always considered it as my life curse, until I found this way of living and understanding.

The title of this post may sound controversial, but let me set things right.

You are a being who uses chemicals to make and manipulate memories.

Now how can we use this information to help us live a better life?

There are two ways to have a dose of drug inside your body, one is through external intake and one is using your internal organ to produce your desired drugs.

By drugs I don’t mean illegal drugs, by drugs in this post I mean your regular house hold items.

Like coffee, tea and your environment.

Right now I am using coffee to boost my concentration, actually this is new test that I am doing.

Why I started emotional intelligence hacking

I love being at peak of my performance and the other reason is that I am an emotional being, so sometimes I loose hope or wonder what am I really doing.

I take a long time like a week or two to get back to normal, so I try my best not to fall into that zone, hence the hacking.

Even if I do, I use music to come back and this process also works as a safety net.

Direct external drugs ingestion

Using coffee and tea for emotional manipulation


The problem is that when I have coffee, I can feel the caffeine working inside my mind, I can some how feel it releasing dopamine.

This lead to a very interesting realization, so what is it?

When I have a large amount of coffee I get headache, I think it is because my mind is capable of handling a particular amount of caffeine and the moment I increase it, my mind gets overwhelmed by it.

May be it’s not caffeine, but increased blood flow to my brain, well what ever the reason is I have found a particular amount of coffee, which suits me the best.

I am able to write this post because of the cup of coffee I had right now, it is allowing sudden boost and focus to my working.

There are many other tablets or chemicals that you can intake to increase your mind efficiency, but I won’t recommend that path, stick to coffee, tea and fruits.

Using my diet


Even further I have shifted to keto diet although it is difficult to get the food necessary for this diet in my country I still try to be on this keto diet.

It is basically running your body on ketones instead of glucose, this way I keep myself energetic.

Using room oxygenator


I want my blood to have sufficient amount of oxygen as it is vital part of body functioning.

So I have placed a oxygen cylinder inside my room and opened it’s valve slightly, so that I get a constant release of oxygen.

Make sure to get advice from expert, because you need right balance.

  • Too much oxygen, and the human body (as well as any other organic material) will be highly flammable. You don’t really want to live there.
  • Too high or too low oxygen partial pressure, and the metabolism won’t work correctly.
  • The other gases, or lack of them, may also cause problems

Treat your body like a plant it need right amount of nutrients to work at it’s peak performance.

Internal drug production

This is my favorite section because the drug production is from inside, you get to manipulate your brain which is also known as the chemical factory to release hormones that you require.

There are advantages to using this strategy, because chances of getting addicted are low.

But still you can get addicted to repeating the same task just to get that dopamine shot.

Lonely people normally build masturbating as a stress release, hence the perverted nature. Always make sure your sex never corrupt your mind and there is only one way that can happen when you some how suppress your sexual energy. So don’t do that.

Ok, so here is my plan of using manipulative tricks.

Listening to Music


When you hear sounds they vibrate your ear drums and then they send electrical signal to your brain, so to manipulate this functionality, I have a playlist which is meant to play when I am sad or depressed.

What’s special about the playlist?

Phase one

The playlist starts with sad songs and then slowly move the motivational ones, so that I don’t take the positive songs as useless and listening to sad music in the start help me accept the pain.

Actually pain is not painful, it’s the struggle to reduce it is painful.

Phase two

After two to six sad songs letter comes some normal songs, which reflect on things I like about life. Hence triggering my neurons which contain desire to live long.

Phase three

Now after listening to songs that sparks the desire to live in me, the playlist shift to music that boost ones ego. This help me get back my confidence and makes me feel that I worth something.

Small tip: listen to your national anthem, they are designed to make you feel proud and give goosebumps.

Using yoga

Doing yoga

In yoga there are some very basic sitting postures and all I do is sit in those postures and work.

Yoga is a science for maintaining this body properly and these postures are designed to help bodily functions.

Sitting in simple yogic postures and doing very simple yogic breathing pranayam’s changes chemicals in your brain, which changes your mood.


doing exercise

I have found that doing exercise after reading or practicing a new skill improved my learning time.

I don’t have a justification for this, but I think it’s because of the blood flow to the brain. While allowing brain to build new pathways.

Exercise also allow me to take out the frustration, not only that, it also takes out bodily toxic matter.

So if you are angry emotional state, do give that boxing bag some hard punches.

Using environment

using environment

I make sure that where I am living whether it is my office or my home, everything is clean and in it’s proper place, As it give me peace of mind.

Nothing else changes your emotional state as your environment.

Using fragrance for different locations, So when I am in my office there is a sharp fragrance to boost working and thinking.

In my bed room I use lavender because it’s help you go to sleep.

In my home or balcony I use a calm fragrance which keeps environment calm, because when I enter into my balcony I want to calm down and relax while I enjoy my tea or coffee.

Decorations: I don’t decorate anything, I like minimalist design and therefore everything is in it’s proper place.

I use very limited furniture with simple design. So that when I look at plane white walls with very few inspirational words my mind gets clear.

You can use what ever you want, just remember the reason behind it.

What you want your environment to convey to your brain, once you know that, start building your office or your room according to that.


Finding people like you

They are very important so make sure you have ones who match your thinking. I stopped sharing my ideas with my dad, because for some reason, he never appreciates them and if some how he appreciates it that means he haven’t listened to it properly.

For some reason this un-supporting act hurts me, so now I don’t share much with my dad.

World has changed a lot, in today’s world people are more interested in seeing you fail than seeing themselves succeed.

So make sure to be with like minded people or be alone, this way you will feel satisfied with your life.

Those relation which comes with birth are forced on you, but those which come from your heart are the ones that you have accepted.

It’s your turn now

your turn

Just pick one way to improve your life, I would suggest starting with people and then move to changing environment.

Don’t forget to build your own music playlist.

That’s it for now, see you in the next post. 🙂

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