Guide for 20s to live rich lifestyle

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20s is the best time to figure out yourself and build yourself, because what is coming is the reflection of these 10 years.

What so special about 20s

These 10 years are for building the definition for yourself.

I would like to share a moment from my life.

I have been interested in spirituality till I was 14 and firstly I wanted to know about this meditation and all, so that I can live my life while being in meditative state.

It took me many years, but I found it at the age of 18, but what now? What about rest of my life.

Then new realizations came in and I understood that all this is a process, which moves in upward direction.

You can learn more about meditation here.

But for now lets move on to other aspects, assuming that you know yourself.

Things you should do in your 20s

Improving skills

Once you know yourself, you can start sharpening your natural skills and may also improve the ones you suck at.

Basically it will depend upon the goal that you are carrying, if your bad skills are a problem then work on them.

Ask yourself which skills do you need to reach the goal that you desire. Then check how many skills from that list you have in your strong skill list. If you don’t have many, then its time to improve the bad skills or hire the help.

But assuming you are not rich, the only option that is left is the learning of new skill.

Creating a lifestyle

While you are building the skills, its time to create a good unbalanced life style.

Yes a good unbalanced life style, because you can’t really play GOD with the time you have in a day. So you need to apply hacks into your routine to maintain a healthy life style.

One example will be cutting your gym time and workouts while maintaining the same health. There are many people who have done this, my favorite is Tim Ferriss.

Now your lifestyle will depend upon the type of person you are. You know yourself better than me, so ask yourself what you like to do?

I take bath after 2-3 days if not working out or just sitting. I eat very specific foods and buy them in bulk to reduce my trip to the grocery store and also save some money. My bills are all paid online to save time.

Further more I batch similar tasks, like all the payments of bill is done on 17th of every month.

I like to keep things minimal and that doesn’t mean I go cheap, its just that I know myself and my taste and I stick around that.

I also give try to new things because that is how you know what else is out there, always give new things a chance at least 10 times.

Getting the money to support your lifestyle

Now come the time to earn money for the lovely lifestyle you have thought for yourself.

The answer is simple, do anything that is legal and nothing that is illegal and learn to do plus minus.

Can you do that? If yes then earning money is easy.

You need to get those things which brings in the money and reduce those which takes away your money.

Now suppose you have a car, you can use it for fun and traveling but it will be putting burden on your wallet. What if you give it to some driver and that driver drives it as a taxi and you split money in 30-70.

30 will be yours for just lending the car, now it just changed from consuming money to earning money.

You can read one of my article where I talked about increasing your worth. It is really a good article and you will get to know my thought process regarding this topic.

In that article I have talked about investing and yes my friend it is the only way to be actually rich. How would you feel if you had the 5% stock of coca cola and get dividends every year in millions without any work.

Yes it can be done, because there are startups which are breaking new records and you can have the piece of that action. Oh! by the way I was kidding about doing no work. You have to learn to understand business and financial ratios.

Because how you will judge if a company is a good or a bad one?

You need tools and information which you can analyze to make proper decisions.


So what you need to do in your 20s ?

You need to know yourself and then make a lifestyle which keeps you alive to enjoy the money you earn.

Now go get your life into your hands.

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