A girl opens up her eyes

Posted by chitranjan

A girl opens up her eyes, sees big blue skies,
Finding no one there she cries,
Feeling alone she dies,
To realize that she has many lives,
life itself come to knot somes ties,
and ask her, give me atleast a try,
In the uncertainty of this world this girl wonders by,
is it all that I have came to realize,

No wonder she cries,
after all there is remorse in her eyes,

Asking herself, why so many expectations in people’s eyes,
Ain’t I as free as spirit to live my life,

Then a cool breeze, passes by
Saying, ops am I late to bring your smile,
She nods, looking through big eyes,

I am emotionally in pain she cries,
Asking life to break its ties,

then a cute little cuddly bunny arrives,
Hey hey look, he invites,
This is a jungle of life and you are free to do whatever you like.

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