The future which is available but can’t be seen

The future which is available but can't be seen
Posted by chitranjan

I am writing this post, because I have this hypothesis which should make the data available for seeing all the future, but the problem is that you will not know when that future will happen.

Anyways it is just a hypothesis, anyways let’s get started.

So how the future seeing machine works?

Let’s build the hype, so things you need to see the future.

This works by knowing the numbers of color an human eye can see. The number is 18 decillion color according to this site.

Now we need to arrange these these colors in a 16:9 or any ratio that you may prefer.

Now you need to render every possible combination of 18 decillion color arranged in 16:9.

Volla, now you have the every possible thing which can be seen by the human eye, assuming that human eye don’t change with evolution.

So is it possible to see the future?

Yes, Kind of because you have to build a computer to render more than 18 decillion images once done you need storage and once the storage is done, you still have to find a way to know where is your future self among those pictures.

Well I think it can be possible to see future but it will not exactly accurate.

Now let’s see if this hypothesis can work.

You need data and then conversion of that data, so you need genetic data and models, for predicting what are the possibilities you have with those genes.

your possibilities will be figured out by building a digital rendering of your genetics, means a digital version of you, then that will be put to basic testing to understand different behaviour in different environment.

Once that data is achieved, you need Artificial Intelligence to categorize and understand those 18 decillion or more images.

Once that is done then, that AI has to know your location and the environment, you are in and people around you, the weather and fragrance and light in that environment and much more data.

Once done that AI will find out all the pictures matching to that environment, some pictures will be totally out of the real world model, like a picture where you are standing and a black hole is next to you, so that type of pictures will need to removed to improve the prediction of the future of you.

Now all the data will be calculated to see what possible things you can do and then find related pics to those actions.

Here is the best part, the computer have to do the whole process (except the genetic one) after you every little breath you take, because each and every intake will be changing things around.

Can’t this be simplified?

Yes, it can be all you need is undisturbed environment.

How you may ask?

Umm let’s try to see the future of an ant in a jar. The jar is silver coated from inside and there is only one source of light and the camera is observing it.

Now you can easily say that this ant will move here and there or might sit some where.

This is easy to predict because of low variables.

Speaking of possibilities, there is a possibility of this ant turning into an elephant, yes you can laugh, but there is a possibility, but the possibility is super extremely low.

But it is there, so if the computer will be rendering the future it will need to consider that too, although it can assign low probability to it, but it has to consider that.

It is just like predicting the future of a coin toss, you need to know all the variables involved and calculate it all before the event happen, else what purpose this future seeing machine will solve, if it can’t predict the future, before it happens.

Mind blowing things to know.

The future is in front of you, but you can’t know when it will happen.

With in those rendered 18 decillion pictures, will be a picture of you having babies with your crush, or you getting killed by aliens and many more. Those pictures will contain how the earth will look throughout the existence.

If you are not convinced that this is possible, well check out Library of babel you will need tor browser to open this link.

This library use english alphabets to render every possible thing which can be said in the english language.

All I have tried to do is change the alphabets with colors of visible light.

Hope you liked the post, do leave a comment if you want to add something valuable to the post.

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