Feminism supporters should understand this

feminism supports should understand this
Posted by chitranjan

Most Feminism supporters have misunderstood the concept, and there should not be a thing called feminism.

There should be only one thing and that is equality.

The moment you say equality for women or men, you have contaminated it. The perspective has changed from seeing things as your identity, rather than from humanity and ethical manner.

Understand this

Assuming both male and female have same skills and capacity.

If people are paid $10/hour and a female works 10 hours she gets paid $100 and a male works 12 hours and gets $120 then it is not inequality.


If people are paid $10/hour and a female works 10 hours she gets paid $90 and a male works 10 hours and gets $120 is inequality.

If female have the same capacity and same skills than there is no way to discriminate and if you find this happening, do file a complain against such act.

Organisation doesn’t consider what your sex is, if you can perform the task, that is assigned to you.

Markets only know one thing and that is buying your skill and time for money.

Understanding the difference between man and woman


So what is the difference between a man and a woman, yes of course their sexual organs anything else?

The other difference is their psychology, it has to do with their inner being.

Now we have to assume things here, you might think I am setting definition of males and females.

But to understand this we have to set some assumption.

You will find many males who are not as courageous as normally you will find man are.

In the same way you will see females who are more courageous than what you might find normal females to be.

This difference can be found when the inner character of the male or a female is of opposite sex.

So there are two levels on which male and female can be different, one is physical level and other is psychological level.

So male body can have psychological female characteristics and female body can have male psychological characteristics.

Feminism doesn’t mean trying to become man like

don't become man

The trend of female thinking has shifted to being equal to being man. Today females don’t want same rights as male, but instead they want to be like male.

It is no surprise to see this behavior, because after seeing and hearing the brutal acts of man on woman, this is natural.

To give man taste of their own medicine is very lucrative.

But you have to understand that man are not as cool, as you think, it is the female that is superior.

Now hold on you miss who just got egoistic boost.

I am not saying you are superior just because you are female but it is because I think of you as me.

A happening which is divided into two parts and as being second part I bow down in respect and love, not because you need your ego to be boosted.

You are superior in an ideal way, you are superior because of your female characteristics.

I don’t know all characters but here are some that I know:

Caring, capability to love unconditional, having patience, positive perspective towards life and adding colors to this nature making it more beautiful.

Instead you want to be like abusing, hard, not giving a fuck, filled with attitude, protecting self respect (actually ego).

It is so idiotic, we man are always ready to fight, abuse and what not, do you think that being like this will be a better way to live life?

If all females start behaving like males, do you think that will make any difference, it will just like seeing a men within female body.

You will lose your actuality, you will be just a man within female body.

There is a better approach to this.

What actual equality look like between man and woman


Both have to complete each other, what does that mean?

To be equal, man have to take some characteristics of woman and woman has to take some of man.

Females must learn to self defense and be logical to, but never forget their actual characters.

All these are to protect your caring, and loving nature. Think of it as being a rose flower, you are there to fill the environment with your fragrance, but you have thorns to hurt the other if anyone try to pluck you.

Males have to be more sensitive, caring, loving and sometimes leave their logic behind and deal with relationship from heart. Some things are greater than logic, this logic is just for our survival.

All big happenings of life require involvement of heart.


I would have been a cruel person, if my sister and my mom haven’t loved me or cared for me.

When I get sick, I ask for my mom, her presence is enough to relax me.

I remember when I was introduced to drinking by my friends. I used to come home drunk and my sister used to take care of me.

If it was not for their love and their kind heart, I would have been piece of meat with no emotions.

Try to imagine a woman, who is abusing, beating and leaving her child on their own, the day female will become like this, it will be the end of humanity.

It is these characteristics that filled my heart with love and care, it is this affection which allowed me to express my love to my girlfriend.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like, if my mom and sister didn’t care for me because of this feminism.

I thank every woman that came to my life, each of them introduced me to different characteristics of female.

I hope this changed what you think of feminism, let me know what you think in the comment section.

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