Every entrepreneur should be ORP

Posted by chitranjan

ORP means optimistic, realistic and pessimistic.

All three are characteristics which can be utilized to manage organizations efficiently.

Lets get started with our first question.

How and when to be ORP

What does entrepreneur with ORP means is that he has all three quality available for different situations that he encounter in the business world.

These are not limited to business world, but I will only talk about implementing these in business world. If you like you can implement these in your normal life too.

So, first is

Being Optimist


Feelings like happiness, excitement and enthusiasm generally occur in a state of optimism.

When ever you are dealing with ideas, you can’t be pessimist or say even realist.

All optimism is filled with desire, wants, imagination and possibilities for the future.

If you want create new ideas or find solution to the problems, then drop all boundaries and let your imagination take over. It is time to be free to imagine your dream world.

In the state of optimism data is good for starting foundation but later imagination should take over.

Optimism is the creative part of you.

Have beer when imagining, it allows you to be creative.

Being Realist


Feelings like hard work, passion, dedication and brutal truth occur in a state of realism.

When ever working on your job, keep yourself updated with data and information for quick and accurate decision making.

In the state of realism facts, data, information and tools are very important for taking decisions.

Realism is great for managing day to day tasks and running your business on pure facts.

Coffee gives you focus so have it when managing your business.


All you need is this Face and tools of destruction.


System of pessimist

Feeling of doubt, fear and sadness occur in the state of pessimism.

When ever building system for your business or life, keep your self in doubt and negativity. This will allow you to build robust systems with redundancy.

It is very essential because proper system and redundancy results in accurate data and allow your realistic state to work properly.

In the state of pessimism doubt and negativity works best to destroy uncertainty. Remember to stop on right time, because being in a pessimist state is like being in a loop hole.

You constantly try to find problems within your system or loop holes, but somethings will show up on time.

So, I would recommend you to learn, build and test your ideas, systems and tools.

Pessimism allow you to bring up all the negative and bad things which might happen with in your company’s system.

If you are addicted to beer or coffee then their absence will allow you to get in the depressing state.

Optimism creates, realism manage and pessimist destroys, don’t think of them as something different. These three qualities work in sync.

And please don’t become a psychopath with three different personalities.