Blog mission

Blog mission
Posted by chitranjan

Mission of this blog is to serve people who love learning and creating businesses.

I have started this blog to serve myself and people like me, so I think describing myself will help me describe the audience I want for this blog.

I love learning about new concepts and things, there is no limit to it, this is kind of a random thing.

But I have some core feelings which trigger my action and these are.

Self realization

Betterment of existence

Creating something worth while


I love creating businesses because It fascinates me how my creations can change people’s lives and improve the world one step at a time.

So I think this blog will target entrepreneurs who want self realization and create businesses that make this world a better place.

I love having money and control, as this allow me to create new things and implement new ideas.

People will be able create wonderful businesses after reading my reading my blog.

Entertaining and positive approach to building businesses will be unique about this blog.

The blog will provide articles and videos and books to help people build their businesses.

People should read my blog and buy my product, because they contain positive approach and a deep desire to do meaning full work. It is also full of funny photos and entertaining content.

Beside making money, I want to be popular, so that I can attract people who can relate to my vision and join me to do meaning full work.

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