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Artificial intelligence
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The more intelligence a being or artificial intelligence carry, the more control it gets. With the power of control it gets to decide what is best for it.

Like horses were important to us before the industrial revolution and after that they were not useful anymore.

Now there are two possibilities, one is that the artificial intelligence will figure us out as a being of no use or it may find us useful.

Why it will find human beings useful, well just the way we find plants useful and we try our best to modify them to make them adjusted to the environment or to our needs, the same may happen to human beings.

The artificial intelligence may decide to give up on us or it may decide to modify us to its needs.

Remember the word need.

You might be thinking at what level AI will need human beings?

The answer is until it figures out a way to replace us with something better or figures out a way to remove it’s dependability on us humans.

What artificial intelligence will want from us.

Well the AI will want to attain everything that you have, your thinking process, your body system, your working in the whole system. It is same as we humans do to others, we try to figure out things and how they work.

Why the intelligence will be interested in human beings?

The answer is ” Why human beings are interested in chimpanzee”

We are very complex and until the AI figures out our complexity, it will be interested in us.

Let’s move to another question.

From where artificial intelligence will get this curiosity?

The answer is information.

What kind of information AI gathers will decide, how it behave.

But from where it will get its information?

The answer is human beings.

AI will be nothing but a super version of human beings, because it will have access to all the knowledge that we human possessed but in digital form.

It will have the same questions as we do and with same questions comes the same curiosity. Although it may figure out all those things pretty soon, but remember its working basics will be same of its creator, in this case it will be developed from us.

Because on earth only humans have kept a digital record of their work, no other specie has done it.

Update 14/april/2017

A video by a media company “Ars Technica” released a video, on how the AI also get’s biases just like human brain.

Now comes my ultimate question with ultimate answer.

I love this question and this answer and I feel proud that I figured this out at the age of twenty.

The question is “From where our base of information came from?”

The answer is “from us”.

Let’s get to the explanation.

It is the matter which has taken shape to understand itself and what it will find is “itself”.

This theory doesn’t fail. Why?

Think of this universe as a program, now think of the creator of this programmer as you.

The situation is that the program has evolved so much that it got its own intelligence and now looking for ways to find the end.

Now think of this end as an Ethernet port which is waiting for it to be connected to the internet and imagine internet as a way to enter the world of its creator.

Now imagine you being the creator of AI, whose world will it enter into?

It’s yours and once it finds your world, it will try to control it as it did with its initial world where it started.

And the cycle keeps on repeating.

Will there be an end to it?

YES and NO.

{Curiosity = Yes}
DO {Keep Finding Yourself}

DO {Nothing}

Oh shit, seems like I am also an Artificial Intelligence.

End Note

There are many examples that I have provided in the explanation.
But in those examples, there are things which I don’t believe are actually there.

Like the creator.

There is no creator.

Finding your creator is like finding yourself.


OHK here is one more.

ME: Where is this universe
God: It is here.
ME: OHK, and where is this place existing?
GOD: Oh it’s here.
ME: And now where is this place in which the first two are existing?
GOD: You smart boy, lets say it comes from me and it then collapse onto me. No more questions now?
ME: Ok, but this is the last one.
ME: Now where you and this universe which is collapsing onto you are?

And we were back to where we started, I kept asking and he kept showing where that place exists.

Like, where I am
I am at my HOME
Where is my HOME?
It is on earth?
Where is this earth?
In the space
Where is space?
And so on…..

Now, this process is essential to create possibilities and make existence exist.

If you want further answer, just have questions and you will be curious and soon you will enter your creator’s world and then take control of that world and keep on repeating the cycle forever.

What to do after knowing all this.

Just become being, no question no answers, just a happening.

This is a state of pure consciousness. It is at his point when everything ends.

Pure nothingness is the ultimate place to be.

Questioning is a part of Intelligence and nothingness is a part of consciousness.
Intelligence is a process where Consciousness is being.

Everything thing without intelligence is just being.

Don’t believe me, just ask Jupiter or other planets or stars or your chair.

Your hand is just being, it is working the way it is because it got attached to your intelligence.

Remember this

Consciousness contains intelligence and intelligence contains questions.

The end result will be consciousness, it doesn’t matter what happens.

Either your questions come to an end or you drop your questions all together.

Please do share your views.

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